$GOLD LP Pool Announcement

Earn wETH or wBNB directly farming $GOLD LP.

We’re pleased to announce the start dates of the $GOLD LP farming pools with direct earning of wETH or wBNB.

The $GOLD LP pools for both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum will launch on April 14th, 2021 at 16:00 UTC. You will be able to interact with $GOLD LP farms directly on our FaaS Platform.

How does it work?

GoldFarm FaaS farming or staking pools have a entrance fee of 2%. This 2% is fee is converted to wETH or wBNB and then distributed to all $GOLD LP farmers. The 2% is automatically converted from each FaaS pool upon every use of the pool and then distributed directly to the $GOLD LP farming pool. The full 2% is given to the pool there is no exclusive fee for the developers included.

  • If you are farming on the BSC $GOLD LP pool you will earn wBNB.
  • If you are farming on the ETH $GOLD LP pool you will earn wETH.
  • There will be no locking times in $GOLD LP farming pools.
  • There is no entry or exit fee in $GOLD LP farming pools.
  • Claim your wETH/wBNB rewards at anytime.

Simply add liquidity to our pair on Uniswap or PancakeSwap to get your $GOLD LP tokens. Then head on over to our Farming page and start farming.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit on the amount of fees that can be collected, 2% of every pool hosted on GoldFarm will distribute to the $GOLD LP pools forever.

Since the pool rewards are use based we cannot provide projected APY until more data can be collected. However, we feel that the returns will be amazing.

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GoldFarm is about giving users a way to earn passive income through our farming protocol and allow new and existing projects to create farms.