$GOLD LP Pool Announcement

How does it work?

GoldFarm FaaS farming or staking pools have a entrance fee of 2%. This 2% is fee is converted to wETH or wBNB and then distributed to all $GOLD LP farmers. The 2% is automatically converted from each FaaS pool upon every use of the pool and then distributed directly to the $GOLD LP farming pool. The full 2% is given to the pool there is no exclusive fee for the developers included.

  • If you are farming on the BSC $GOLD LP pool you will earn wBNB.
  • If you are farming on the ETH $GOLD LP pool you will earn wETH.
  • There will be no locking times in $GOLD LP farming pools.
  • There is no entry or exit fee in $GOLD LP farming pools.
  • Claim your wETH/wBNB rewards at anytime.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit on the amount of fees that can be collected, 2% of every pool hosted on GoldFarm will distribute to the $GOLD LP pools forever.



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GoldFarm is about giving users a way to earn passive income through our farming protocol and allow new and existing projects to create farms.